Our Company Policies

Our company will protect the official information and other information of customers. We have created our privacy policy so that no other organization or individual can learn about our privacy policy. We do not force any customer to ignore our policy and accept services.

Types of information:

We collect some details from our customers first, like names, email addresses, and phone numbers. These information pieces help us create a people database that seeks our help.

Use of Information

We use the information we collect with the proper consent of the clients. It depends on the clients which info they will share and which not. We never share the clients' information with anybody else except the users' permission. Instead, we store them for better client management.

Change of Policy:

If there is any change in our policy, we will inform our customers about it in no time. We do it so that it does not cause trouble for our clients at all.

Terms and Conditions:

Some of the terms and conditions we use are discussed below: 1. We have a compensation system in case of product damage due to any reason of our organization. However, you will not be entitled to claim compensation for your goods if they are damaged due to internal damage. 2. If you have entrusted us to transfer a lot of gold jewellery or costly jewellery, we will not move it. 3. We will use different quality when unloading your items which may break easily, but we will not be responsible if you report them broken after unloading.
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